Ok, here is the last set.  These photos are of what I would call the Dressing Game, where each contestant pretends to be in bed, and is timed as they get their shoes , belt and Colors on, then jump through a window, and startup their bike and ride off.  It may sound complicated, but it is very entertaining to watch, and all good clean fun. Ok, now I have an apology to make, because you see there is actually a version for the men and another version for the women.  Here you will wee the Mens game, and and great it is.  Unfortunately I was running out of steam (me personally), and I felt I needed to leave before I got totally exhausted, so I didn’t get the Women’s version of this game, and if you saw the pictures I took several years ago, or experienced this game, you will know it is lots of fun.  Anyway, I have asked some friends to send me some of their photos of the Women’s version of this game, and if and when they arrive, i will put up one more post from that game.  Ok, so without further delay, here are the photos of the men’s game;