Well, flying bug season is upon us, so our New Life Riders CMA chapter decided to have a Bug Run in support of CMA’s annual Run For The Son fund raiser that 100 percent supports ministry.  Hardtails Restaurant in Georgetown was nice enough to let us host the event in their parking lot, so we could get good exposure to all their regular customers, not to mention that we got to enjoy their great food.  We got kind of a late start advertising this first year, so the turnout wasn’t what you would call big, but we did get a few brave souls that rode our route looking for insects to smash into.  If you don’t know what a bug run is, well it is simply that we put a target sticker on your headlight (after cleaning off any existing bug guts), and you drive around hoping to have some insects crash into your headlight square on the bullseye. As your an see from the photos, no one actually got a bulls eye, but some came pretty close. Anyway, if you missed it then yo missed a good time.  Enjoy!