The bi-monthly COC&I meeting was today at VFW 8787 just north of Braker on IH35.  The meeting was well attended, by several hundred bikers from all over the greater Central Texas area.  Debbie and I (well, Debbie really) assisted TMRA II fund raising by selling Freedom Dogs, with or without Chili.  The COC & I and TMRA II organizations are both focused on protecting the rights of motorcyclists, so whatever political persuasion you might be, if you ride a motorcycle, then these groups are working for you, and we would love to have you help us by getting involved.  We write letters, send emails, and we go down to the Capital to get to know, and talk with our political representatives.  It is not difficult work, but the more workers we have, less each individual needs to do. Look for information tables at your local bike nights, or come out to our next TMRA II meeting. We get to gather for dinner and a meeting at La Palapas on the west bound frontage of 290 between 183 and IH35 every third Thursday at 7 PM.  Hope to see you there.