We had out chapter ride today, we headed out to Gruene for lunch.  Unknown to use, today was also Market Days in Gruene.  Talk about a crowd.  Anyway, we managed to find a nice place to eat called Buttermilk Cafe, a bit to the East of Gruene.  The food was very good.  From there, two groups of us headed back.  One group led by Don and Susan headed West, and Debbie and I took the other group East out 21 to 183 then North.  Everything went along fine until Debbie and I split off to go North on IH35, and then Debbie and I had a bit of an uh oh. We kind of over anticipated what the other was doing, and ended up in a minor collision with each other.  I was leading, so naturally I rear-ended Debbie. If you can figure that out, you are a better man than I. Anyway, relatively minor damage was done to both bikes, as we were almost at a stop when we collided.  Clearly it could have been much worse.  As it turns out, Debbie got the worst of it.  She has a sizable knot on her shin, which she has ice on.  She says it is about the size of a mango. Not a papaya, bigger than an avocado. Kind of oval shaped.  I am going to be waiting on her hand and foot.