We had our March chapter meeting this evening, light attendance, but a lively group non-the-less.  We Voted on our new chapter patch design, as you can see below.  It will be the same colors as before, but we are adding Austin Texas to signify where we are because there are several new Life Riders chapters in the CMA.  We now need to get a color design, and get it approved by national before we actually get any made, but things are coming along.  In other news, we talked about how long it takes to stop from speed, and Susan had a rolling measurement device in her car, so we were able to measure out 88 feet, which is the distance you travel down the road in one second when you are going 60 MPH.  And of course there was the clowning around, this month it was related to some cologne that Jay happened to have with him.  Let me say no more.  Enjoy!