We went to the chapter ride today, meeting at Rudy’s BBQ, or actually because Rudy’s is so busy, we meet at Carrabba’s right next door.  They don’t open early, so we had lots of room in their parking lot to form up.  Anyway, Debbie got back from her most recent trip to California last evening late, and she wasn’t feeling 100%, so we wimped out and took the car.  Seems like this is getting to be a habit.  Oh well. Max came on his new ride (to him at least), a Kawasaki Sport Bike.  Very pretty. We had a good group, about 11 bikes and one car when we headed out a back way about 11:45 am up to our first stop the CEFCO gas station at 1431 in Lago Vista.  Everyone got something to drink, and I stopped in to the local Cafe & Coffee Shop for a caramel coffee slushy. Yum! Then it was out 1431 west, then south on 281 in Marble Falls, and then back East on 71 to our lunch destination the Down Under Deli as advertised in Biker Living. Food was great, Debbie and I had a Pizza, others had more gourmet stuff that was all fresh grilled or baked.  Even the pizza had a hand thrown crust. Nothing to complain about, and the prices were very reasonable.  We spent less than $20, for the two of us and we had leftovers for dinner.  The restaurant was decorated with a number of interesting, let me call them sculptures with various themes.  There were a couple of motorcyclish things outside, and a robot inside, and a sort of puppet thing up on the stage.  I think you might need to look at the pictures to understand what I am talking about.  Anyway, after lunch, and hanging around a bit to talk to the owner, we headed back to the city, another great day.  Enjoy the pics, click for bigger ones as usual.