Christmas time is a joyful time of year, especially for the children. We buy gifts and special treats that delight the little ones, and ourselves as well. For each of us Christmas can be a time of Joy, and also a time of sadness, for lost loved ones, or friends far away. Debbie and I are leaving shortly to visit family in California, and we look forward to the joy of sharing in their lives, even for few days. As some of you know, I lost a friend last week to illness, so for me, this Christmas is a time to reflect, on Gods provision this past year, I still have a job, on His sufficiency to persevere through sometimes difficult circumstances and on His sovereignty to know what is best, even when I don’t. It is also a time to reflect on the Joy I have in knowing each of you. Some of you I know well, and some not so well, but I have a love for each of you, and a desire that you will experience the Joy of Christmas in a special way this year. So I hereby give you my personal blessing, and I pray that God will fill each of you with a joy that only He can.