Debbie and I drove up to Lampasas after church today to attend the memorial service for a long time “best friend” this afternoon.  The best friend is in quotes because the pastor that gave the sermon at the service talked about how Ken treated everyone he knew as his best friend.  All Ken had was best friends.  Kind of interesting if you think about it.  Ken was a best friend to everyone.  Anyway, it was a great service and I took lots of pictures, far more than I am posting here.  I just hope I didn’t irritate anyone with all my clicking at this difficult time.  As you will see from the photos, Ken was well liked, as the place was pretty much full.  As I looked at the collection of photos at the service, I saw several people that I know, but that I didn’t know that they knew Ken.  So, I apologize to everyone that sees these pics, but didn’t hear about the service.  We will try to do better.