Second party of the day was our New Life Riders Christmas Party, held at the community recreation center of one of our members.  nice facility, kitchen and meeting room with plenty of seating. We had a good crowd, and had a pot luck.  All I can say is we are really lucky, cause pot luck provide plenty of great dishes, from brisket and sausage to spicy macaroni, to to… you name it we might have had it.  We did the usual gift exchange, and I think everyone went home with something useful, and some people got some really neat stuff.  Anyway, we had a great time, and we presented CMA oculars to two new members. We are growing like gang busters!  Anyway, here are the picks;  P.S.  if you see some funny pics, with two guys together, really, they are just smelling me to see if they want to take the gift exchange gift I got. Honest!