We went to the UCOA meeting this evening. It was a good meeting, and in the last few months we have had several new clubs form and apply to join UCOA, so we got a quick refresher on what it means to be part of a Motorcycle Club/Ride Group, and part of a larger organization like UCOA that works to support the entire biker community. Not a big deal really, just respect every one, and work together for the common good. Chief is now out event coordinator, which should help reduce the event overload that many of us have experienced now that UCOA has far more clubs that I have toes and fingers. It has been a good year, but attending three or four events on a weekend can wear on you a bit. We also got a reminder from SickBoys MC that this is the start of the holiday season, and we need to be extra vigilant to watch for those red light running cars at intersections. As Bam Bam said, we don’t want to attend any funerals over the holidays. And finally, TwoLane RoadRiders gave checks to J.W.Rock and COC&I to support their respective organizations.