Lots of excitement today.  Debbie and I went to the COC&I meeting and Chili Cook-off to support the TMRA II Freedom Dog sale to raise money for TMRA II, which is kind of strapped for cash.  We had a great time, and were well supported by the biker community. In other exciting news, Jaded and Bandido Stone Cold announced their wedding plans for February next year.  That will definitely be an event we won’t want to miss.  Congratulations Jaded and Stone Cold!  Next up, SickBoy Ra  showed off his new Honda.  I didn’t get the model, but talk about a super factory custom.  I can only say wow!  We also have lots of pics of chili preparation, then a real nice trike, with a 350 ci V8, another wow!

The meeting itself went well, with certificates of appreciation being handed out to al the clubs that supported the Bastrop Survivor benefit from Cowboy HD to San Marcos Toyota, that raised over $13,000 for a really good cause. We also had three families that were directly effected by the Bastrop fires, and lost their homes, so additional support checks were given out to those families from the J. W. Rock Foundation.  As someone said, we take care of our own.

Finally, the Chili Cook-off trophies were given out to the worthy recipients.  Truly a great day.  Enjoy!