Being members of TMRA (Texas Motorcycle Roadriders Association), Debbie and I signed up to help man our awareness table that Central Texas Power Sports graciously allowed us to have today in their beautiful store.  We provided free donuts to all comers, several people signed up as new TMRA members, and lots of other people now know who we are.  If case you didn’t know, TMRA is an association of individuals riders, ride groups and motorcycle clubs that encourages and lobbies for motorcycle safety in Texas. TRMA was one of the organizations that helped Texas start the “Share The Road” campaign to help raise the awareness of car drivers for us poor defenseless (soft inside) motorcycle riders.  TMRA is sometimes known as TMRA I, to differentiate it from TMRA II (Texas Motorcycle Rights Association), which is a political lobby organization that fights for motorcyclists rights.  You might have heard if TMRA II, here, as I am also part of that organization.  Ok,enough of this descriptive stuff, here are the pics.  As usual, click any picture for a larger one.

P.S.  Oh, yes, We had a nice lunch at the Roadhouse across IH35 from CTPS, and we even got a personal tour of the owners private collection of early (antique) motorcycles, including a 305cc Honda Dream, which was almost identical to the 250cc Dream that Debbie’s dad had when she was a teenager, that she got to drive on Sunday mornings along side me when we were dating in high school. Here is the bike;