A while back, Debbie bought some new Samson exhaust pipes for her FXR from eBay. Well, today, I had the strange thought (for me anyway), that we could put them on after I got home from work. So, when I got home, I gingerly suggested this to Debbie. She thought it was a great idea. So, While she was working on her Bible study for tomorrow, I went out to start the process by removing her old Cycle Shack pipes. They came off pretty easy, and so I just sort of jumped in and started putting on the new ones. Fortunately Debbie came out to see how it was going, cause I needed some help putting them back on. Everything seemed to fit ok, so she went in to find out how much to torque the Exhaust bolts and I proceeded to complete the assembly, except for the actual tightening. She finally came out with the torque spec, and immediately noticed I had put a few small marks on the head pipe. That’s me, bull in the china shop. Debbie cleaned them up after I torqued everything down and we started it up. Didn’t really seem much quieter, at least in the garage, but when we went out to ride to dinner, it is clear that these pipes are noticeably quieter than the Cycle Shacks. The muffler is also longer, which probably explains why they are quieter. Don’t know yet if we will need to have the carburetor needle adjusted, it seems to run ok, but Debbie didn’t think it had quite as much get up and go as with the Cycle Shack pipes. Anybody need some used Cycle Shack pipes for an FXR? You need to really like LOUD!