The TMRA II (Texas Motorcycle Rights Association) rally took place this weekend in Axtel at Jim’s Cycle Shop west of Waco on IH31.  Debbie and I went for the day and took the car.  I know I’m a wimp, that’s life.  Most people rode though, so there were very few golf carts.  Praise the Lord!  The Waco chapter of CMA provided hospitality, supplying free water and coffee to everyone. There were several food vendors, and perhaps the most unusual was one that was selling fried bologna sandwiches for $3.  Woody had one, and seemed to like it (see pic).  I got several pictures of the ground pounder door prize that is going to the one with the right ticket at the COC&I State Rally in April (see pics of bike on trailer).  The bands we heard were good, though someone said the band Friday night was great.  There was also some good competition at the horse shoe field, so take a look see.