We had a great turnout at Cowboy HD, the start of the ride down to The Chili Cook-off at San Marcos Toyota.  Lots and lots of Bikers, from lots of our local and not so local clubs and motorcycle groups, including UCOA, COC&I, TMRA I & II, and also a bunch of ride groups including Harley’s own H.O.G. I didn’t count, but as you can see from the pictures we must have had about 500 bikes, and even more people.  The Chili Cook-off was great, everyone donated a dollar per try of each variety of chili. There was also a silent auction, and all proceeds were going straight to the Bastrop people in need, to be distributed through the First Baptist of Bastrop.  Special thanks to Bandido Gimmi Jimmi for kicking this into high gear, cause we got great participation.