Our New Life Riders chapter had a ride today to Longhorn Caverns out on Park Road 4.  We thought it was going to get to 104 today, so Debbie and I took the car instead of the bike. Well it didn’t get that hot, in fact it only got up to the mid 90s today. Bummer for us, but good for everyone else, as we took lots of pictures from the car following the group.  Anyway, we had a great time and it was really nice being in the cavern and cool.  Then it was off to The Maxican on 281 for some mexican food. My first time there, and both the food and service were outstanding.  Finally we headed home for some rest.  I know I will get some of that eventually, just as soon as I post these pictures.  Enjoy!

Note: I apologize for many of the pictures being out of order, I can’t seem to get WordPress to put them in the right order :-{