Second event today was the Summer Sizzle, held this year at C-Hunts in north Austin.  It is a pretty good location, with lots of shaded seating, and a great band area.  This year we had the COC&I meeting right before the Sizzle, and before that the Blood Mobile showed up at lunch time so folks to donate blood.  The COC&I meeting went well, as usual, and it was kept fairly short so everyone could get on with the party. Dennis’ new business was there to provide the food, which was BBQ chicken, and Sausage, with Potato salad on the side, and beans of course. It was very good I might add!  The event is a benefit for J.W. Rock, and also to assist out lead club in their annual effort to get to Sturgis. I must say they put on a great party.  One highlight of the afternoon was the raffle give away of a 46 inch TV.  Congrats to HookUp of B.A.C.A. for having the winning ticket. Later in afternoon, Debbie decided she wanted to give blood, so we walked over to the Blood Mobile and she when through the “process”, while I volunteered to take pictures.  Don’t worry, she wouldn’t let me post any really gross ones.  Finally we headed home, and I stopped on the way and took this picture of the clouds.  Nice clouds today! Oh, yes, and God helped keep the heat down with some occasional shade clouds and breeze!  We thoroughly enjoyed the Sizzle, and I hope you enjoy the pictures.