Today we have three events we are attending, and temperatures are predicted to be about 100 degrees. So, to start off the adventure, we are having breakfast at 1431 Cafe, up on, you guessed it 1431. The food was great, then we were off in two groups of about seven, for a ride in the hill country, before it gets too hot (ho ho). Well, the for was great, oops, I said that. The ride was good, with temperatures rising slowly. Only problem was on the way back, as I was crossing the last cattle guard, I noticed that Don and Susan ahead of me got a pretty good bounce w, so I decided to stand up while crossing the guard. I have done this lots of time, with no problem, but this time, my left footboard decided it was time to break off. Well, not off exactly, but the rear mound broke. I managed to recover, and pull over for a look see, and sure enough, the bracket had broken. Ok, no for some tywraps to get me home. That lasted a little while, then out came the bungee cord, which work much better and lasted long enough to get home. Looks like I will be buying some parts.