I am amazed as I stand here looking at you, a bunch of bikers, sometimes scruffy looking bikers that can and do accomplish so much. Over the years, I have been to lots of your benefits. Benefits that you organized to to provide for a need, small, or large, for a friend, club or family member. You saw a need and you wanted to help. I went to one this past saturday, put on by the Smokers MC for a little 12 year old girl and her family, it was great, and I am sure the clubs and chapters up in Waco have great events as well, when they see a need. Yes, it is truly amazing what can be accomplished when we work together for a worthy cause. Whether it is a little girl, J. W. Rock, United Clubs, TMRA II, the COC&I, or the Texas Defenders program, we come together for to support a cause, or solve a problem that is too big for any one of us to fix. United we are a force that can change things, not by force, but by our hard work and commitment to what is right. And how do we know what is right? We know, because God puts within each of us the understanding of the difference between right and wrong. We know, because when we work for what is right, God works with us to accomplish His will. And who can stand against God? Not me, and that is why I am here today, to work for what is right, and to love doing it. Are you with me?