Our chapter had a ride today, to La Rosas restaurant in Bertram.  I just got back from a trip to visit my mother in Cali, so my clock is kind of messed up.  I over slept, so Debbie and I met them at La Rosas, taking the car instead of the bike.  Great food, great service, but it is small, so get there early.  Highly recommended. After lunch, Debbie and I decided to head out to Burnet to look at some antique stores.  I collect old books. On arrival at Burnet, we see that a service remembering the veterans has just started, so we joined in, and I took a bunch of pictures.  It was a great memorial day service, honoring our soldiers, put on by the VFW.  THen after it ended, we ran into (not literally) Ken and Linette.  We had a nice chat, and they headed out for some BBQ.  Debbie and i headed over to one of the local antique stores, and I found an autobiography on Ansel Adams (the photographer, in case you don’t recognize the name). Being a photography buff myself, I bought it. After a bit more looking, we headed home.