I wish I could… __________ (Fill in the blank). So often in life, we have desires, to go places, meet people, or to have things (motorcycles?), that seem out of our reach, either politically, emotionally, or financially. Or, perhaps you have the other kind of I wish. I wish I wasn’t so fat, or I wish my ….. whatever was smaller, or I wish I had more hair. There are many things in life that we seem to have no control over, things we wish we could change. Well, I have some good news. Many of the challenging things in life can be changed. I have heard preachers say that if you have enough faith, and if you send them some money, you will surely get that new Harley… I don’t happen to be one of those, but I do believe that God is willing and able to change many things in our lives that we would ike to have changed, but that we feel powerless to change. So, how is this magically done, is it by the press of a button on my phone? Well, no. God’s solution for change is just as simple that, but doesn’t need any technology. God just wants to have a relationship with you. To have a relationship with someone requires communications between the two parties. No not that kind of party, well.. yes, it could be between the parties (gesture with hands wide). Ok, back to the subject. God wants us to know him, and to share our desires and concerns with him. He desires to be our perfect friend, the one we always have with us, and the one who will always listen when we talk. Yes, I said talk. Praying can even be done out loud. Even better, God is able to change our circumstances and fulfill our desires. He is God after all. The bible says “you do not have, because you do not ask”. Is it really that simple? Yes, it is. Now I am not saying that God will give you that new Harley you have been lusting over, because sometimes he changes us instead of our circumstances. But, remember, if you don’t have what you want, it might be because you haven’t asked.

Tom Zimmer