Debbie and I went to the TMRA (Texas Motorcycle Roadriders Association) State Rally in Comanche this weekend. I have a lot of photos to post, but I thought I would start with this collage of Debbie and Susan. It is special, and it is at the same time sad. Special, because they are having such a great time and you can tell, and sad because none of these photos was actually in focus. I was experimenting with an old Pentax manual focus lens, and as you might guess, I am having some real problems getting my subjects in focus. Darn these old eyes. So, even though they aren’t in focus, I had to post them, and I figued the best way was to make a collage that would convey the mood at least. So, I will try to do better, but I warn you that some of the photos coming up are not as sharp as my usual images. Anyway, much more to follow, and don’t worry, i didn’t use this lens for all of them, just some of the evening ones. As usual, click any image for a larger one.