I am sure you have all heard me, or some other pastor say that Faith in God is what gets you into heaven. And, I don’t think anyone here will be surprised if I say that Bikers have a healthy interest in sex. But, what might surprise you, is that the Bible says that the father of all Christians (Abraham) was declared faithful because he believed what God said about him having sex. Let me elaborate.

Romans 4:18-22. – 18 Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed and so became the father of many nations,… You see, God had promised him that he would be the father of many nations… 19 Without weakening in his faith, he faced the fact that his body was as good as dead—since he was about a hundred years old-and that Sarah’s (his wife’s) womb was also dead. 20 Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, 21 he was fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.

Abraham simply believed that even though he was 100 years old, that God had the power to enable him and Sarah to have sex, so that she could have a child. She did have a child, and many generations later, Jesus, the savior of the world was born to one of their relatives. So now you know, that Salvation is tied to Faith, and Faith was tied to Sex, at least for Abraham, and believing God can be a very good thing. As for me, I want to have a lot of… Faith, how about you?

Tom Zimmer