Today was the annual Chili Cook-off, and we had a great bunch of competitors. I tried most of the versions, though I might have missed one or two. And, since we left before the judging, I can’t tell you who won, but I can tell you which one was the hottest (of the ones I tried). It was definitely the Liberty Hill Gypsy MC. They had two pots, and the “HOT” one was a cooker! Actually they were all great, I don’t know how the judges will decide which one was the best. Oh, well, Someone else will have to fill you in on which one won. Next up was the COC&I (Confederation Of Clubs and Independents) meeting. As you can see from the pictures it was very well attended. they also collected frozen turkeys for several thanksgiving benefit dinners being put on by Texas Vietnam Vets Association for Kerrville Veterans Hospital, Dell Childrens Hospital and Domiciliary of Temple. 48 turkeys were collected, plus some additional cash to help complete the goal of 60 turkeys. Them will be some good eats. After the meeting, the cook-off continues, along with the parts swap out in the parking lot. I bought a couple of Harley history coffee table books for a song (thanks Ragu), but Debbie didn’t find anything she absolutely needed. Be sure to note Debbie’s new camera, the one with the smiley faces on it. She took my picture as I was taking hers. The battle of the cameras. Enjoy.

Finally, here is another of my panoramas. This one of the COC&I meeting. CLick on any picture for a larger version.

If you want any even larger versions, just email me.