We went to the Free Indeed Celebration event at Austin Christian Fellowship church today. We have been before, but this year they asked us to be exhibitors. So we had a table and displayed several of the CMA tracks and things like the ROT Rally shop rag tracks. We played a CMA video on Debbie’s laptop. We had a good time, had some good conversations, and gave away several tracts and bibles. The event was geared to helping men and women that were released from prison, to get re-integrated into society. Don and Susan showed up as well, and Gary and Sharon from the Taylor chapter arrived a bit later. It was great to have them. The church served a Rudy’s BBQ sandwich lunch with chips, tea and cookies. Yum! The event is put on every year about this time by Texas Reach Out Ministries. TROM Executive Director David Pena and His wife Margarita welcomed everyone. The main speaker was Cody Carlson, former Quarterback for Baylor University and Houston Oilers. Cody’s talk was great, I especially liked the fact that he always referred to us Christians as we “were sinners before God changed us”, not a sinners in the present tense. A point I have been trying to make with all my friends for some time. I may still sin occasionally, but please don’t describe me as a sinner.

Ok, without further delay, here are the pics;