We went on a chapter ride today, or at least part of it. Debbie’s bike is up and going again, so we each took our own bike, and went on the chapter ride. First stop was Wimberly for a short time of relaxation, before the rest of the group moved on toward their destination, a Taco house somewhere in San Antonio. Debbie and I dropped off at Wimberly, because I have been having shoulder problems, and I am not ready to put in a 200 mile day on the bike. SO after the group left, Debbie and I stopped in at a local cafe for a nice lunch before heading home the back way. We had a great time, and my shoulder wasn’t bad today, so i am happy. When we got home, we had a phone message from Bandido Santos inviting us to a halloween party at Sam’s Town Point. Unfortunately, we needed to head out to Dale Texas for the memorial service for Charles Barnes, so I called Bandido Santos to thank him for the invitation, but to let him know we wouldn’t make it. Anyway, here are some pictures from the ride today, and couple of our friend Errol. What an interesting face he has.