I learned a lesson in Patience today. Someone else paid for the lesson, but I learned it. I recently got involved with buying stuff on eBay. Yes, I know you can all probably tell me that was my first mistake. But it seems so easy, and some stuff is so cheap. Anyway, I bid and won this camera, and got impatient waiting for it to arrive, so I opened a case with eBay to investigate why it hadn't shipped. Turns out the seller had shipped it the same day I opened the case, and now the money I paid him is locked up by eBay until I receive the merchandise. Needless to say, the seller wasn't too happy. He did cool down after about the third email back and forth, so I think everything will be ok, but he definitely is having to pay for my impatience. I think the "got to have it now" attitude I was exhibiting is a symptom of our society, moving faster and faster. It certainly seems to be true at work, and other places as well. Perhaps the frantic pace of our lives is really just a diversion that Satan uses to keep us from thinking about God too much. I think I am going to make an effort to slow down a bit, and think about what God would have me do. How about you?

Tom Zimmer