Debbie and I went to the Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Event in San Antonio this weekend. It is kind of beyond of my normal range lately, but I was asked to give the invocation, so how could I say no? Go somewhere and pray, sure, sounds good to me!

It started out kind of rainy, with a lot of people arriving in rain gear. Fortunately, with prayer, and God’s cooperation, the sky parted and we got some sunshine in time for the ride to start around 9:30am. We had great attendance, almost 400 according to registration. We had a short program from Cathy (road name Pegasus) who is also VP of TMRA (Texas Motorcycle Road-riders Association), and from Samuel Aguirre, a safely and awareness person from TxDot. We also got a safety briefing from a local motorcycle safety training instructor. At the end I gave the invocation, and then everyone was off for a short police escorted ride around San Antonio to see some of the animated billboards that had been programmed to tell people to “Look Twice For Motorcycles Share The Road”. Everything went off without a hitch (no accidents), and later everyone returned for a great (and free) Bar-B-Q lunch. There were lots of t-shirt giveaways and several back-packs and certificates for oil changes and other stuff. Everything ended around 1pm, and we headed back.

Enjoy the pictures, and please pass them around. I would like everyone to get to see them. Thanks, and as usual, there is a large picture available by clicking on any of the smaller images. If you want to save any of these larger pictures, just right click on the larger image and choose save-as in your browser.



Update: Added more pics from Louis and Candy.