The Companeros had their annual anniversary party today at the Iron Horse Bar & Grill out on east Airport Blvd. Debbie and I arrived aboard our red horse (the Camry), amidst some teasing about being on four wheels (I have had some shoulder problems lately – good excuse anyway). There was a good crowd as we arrived, showing up a bit after the actual start. We found some “cage” parking out back, and wandered in to be greeted by the familiar faces of our friends from all the UCOA member clubs. As usual I am terrible with names, but they all seem to remember my name. Hmm.. Kind of makes you think.. Anyway, we made out way around, greeting and talking with several people, and eventually made it inside, where Young Generation was playing some very good (and loud) tunes. We registered and got our BBQ plate tickets (I was starving for some reason) and headed over to the food service area to greet more friends and pick up our food plates. As usual, the food was great, they served BBQ Chicken quarters and sausage links with all the fixings. We moved off to a quieter corner and sat down to enjoy the BBQ. They really did themselves proud, the chicken and sausage was really good. Of course I was starving, but that’s beside the point. We were joined by Del, his wife and a friend after a few minutes. After eating, we went outside to enjoy the great weather we had today (and get away from the music). We talked to quite a few people, and I got to pray with one friend, he has been having some health problems and we prayed for healing and guidance for the doctors. They can’t seem to figure out how to fix him. I guess doctors really are just fancy plumbers in some ways.

We saw several interesting (to me at least) bikes, so I took quite a few pictures, as you can see below. i hope you enjoy them!

The Chupacabras had road guard duties, so I asked them to pose for a picture. I was surprised, but I shouldn’t have been, that they all turned their backs to me. That’s a proud club member for you.

Here we have the BBQ plate, Del and of course some bike shots.

Next, more bike shots, and the new back patch for Dark Horse MC. They were a riding group, but recently patched over to become a full fledged club. Nice patch guys!

I saw this really neat bike, and I had to take some pictures of it. Don’t know who owns it, or built it, but it was a great bike!

Next up, the band, Young Generation. They don’t call then young for nothing, but what a rockin’ sound they make!

Another group bike shot, ragu’s bike (back on the road again), and another friend. I liked his hat, and I love what my little Sigma DP2 camera can do with portraits.

Finally, two panoramas. Each one is a merge of a three photo sequence. Please don’t mind the blurred faces, people move between shots.

As always, you can click on any individual photo for a larger version.