Debbie and I went up to the TMRA General Membership meeting at the Dead Fish Grill in Belton today. First up was church, led by TMRA Chaplain Don Potter, also a New Life Riders member. Then the meeting, then another meeting for TMRA Area F, our area. Finally, off for lunch at the American Legion Hall 582 in Coperas Cove. Several things stand out on this littel jaunt, first we got to sing several hymns in church, which was nice, then Dennis was driving Marcy’s Road King, and it locked just fine, but wouldn’t unlock. Got some great help from the U.S. Military Vets MC to fix the problem. Turned out all we had to do was take the whole front end apart, remove the locking module, and after someone played with it a bit, it started working. We then put it back together, and cautioned Dennis not to use the lock. Anyway then we were off to the American Legion hall, where BBQ Pork was being served for a birthday luncheon for a young man of age 13. We gladly participated, and enjoyed a wonderful lunch with all the fixin’s. And I do mean all the fixin’s. The family of the boy tried to get us to partake in the final course, which was ice cream cake, but since we had about 60 miles to drive, and needed to stay awake, we declined but sang happy birthday and wished them well. Had a great time!

First up, two panoramas, one of the church service, and one of the meeting.

Next two of bike repair.

Then an exciting picture of parking at the American Legion hall.

And finally, the king for the day, Louis wearing his STAR!

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