Have you ever wondered why you make decisions a certain way. I mean, like when you have a choice to take that next beer and head down the path that you know leads to being driven home by a friend, but instead you choose to limit yourself and head home under your own power. Or maybe someone says something that pisses you off, and you consider for a moment, bopping them one, but instead you think better of it and let it slide, this time. Or maybe you are like me, and you get bored and head out to the internet to look for some entertainment, which leads to places where it is better for me not to go, but then I think about what I am doing, and turn away. Why do we make those decision, sometime one way and sometimes the other. Well, I would contend that more often than not, we make decisions based on a voice we listen to in our head. You know the one I mean, the one that says "ok, he didn't really mean that, I will let it go this time", or perhaps instead we listen to the voice that says "that blankety blank deserves this, and I am going to give it to him". I am sure you can guess where I am going with this, God is the forgiving voice, and we know where that other voice comes from. But the point I want to make, is that if we have a relationship with God, then we really do get to make the decision. The decision to do or say or look where God would have me look, or to, well you get the idea. I will confess, that I am still struggling with this, and I don't always make the right decision, but when I remember to ask for help from the One who supplies all the power I need if I will only ask, then I am able to overcome the temptation, the anger, or the boredom, or whatever situation I find myself in. Praise God from whom all power comes, and praise God I have the power to ask for help, and I can have confidence that He will supply all my needs.

Tom Zimmer
Chaplain, New Life Riders (CMA)
Chaplain, UCOA