This months article is about grace. We need to give more grace to the people around us. That would be you, me and everyone else. Why you might ask should we give everyone more grace? Well, it is simple really. You see we all screw up, sometimes big, and sometimes small, but we all doit. Sometimes on purpose and sometimes by accident, but we all doit. And, whenever we screw up, God pours out His grace up on us. He doesn't even say "gosh I wish you wouldn't have done that", He just forgives us and pours out His blessings upon us. So, what I am saying is, that we should be more grateful to God for the limitless grace He pours out onto us, by allowing Him to pour our His grace "through us" on those people around us. Especially those that don't deserve it, which none of us do. Hey, if your ears are burning, I am right there with you. As the old song says, "grace, grace, more grace". Forget about justice and mercy, they don't even come close, it is grace I want, and grace I have through the salvation available only through Jesus Christ!

Tom Zimmer