Call me wacko if you like, but I find my day goes better when I keep my eyes on the Prize. The Prize in this case is Jesus Christ. There are several stories in the bible about Jesus walking on the water, but there is also a story about someone else walking on the water. You might remember it, when Jesus was walking out to the boat that held his disciples, Peter saw him, and got out of the boat to meet him. He just got out and walked on the water. Everything went “swimmingly”, right up to the point where Peter realized what he was doing. Then, he began to sink, and sink quickly. Fortunately he was within arm’s reach of Jesus, and Jesus reached out and caught him before he went under. The two of them then started walking back to the boat and Jesus said “Why did you doubt?”. The point here is very clear. As long as we keep our eyes on the prize, we will be safe. If we look away, and start worrying about our circumstances then we will begin to sink. The good news is that Jesus is always there to catch us. Are you keeping your eyes on the prize?