As a Christian, God is my master, but I am also free, because He tells me that I am free to make choices, well really one choice anyway.  I can choose to let God use my hands and my feet, or I can choose to do things my own way. If I choose my own path, I am still a Christian, but I am not a very useful one.  You see God uses Christians to “work His Plan”,  we are His hands and feet.  If I don’t play along, well then God will use someone else.  God is omnipotent naturally, so He will complete His plan, whether I participate in it or not. I can exercise my free will, to,  well, to be miserable really.  Yes, its nice at first, doing all the things I want to do, but soon, I get bored, or I hurt someone, and then I realize what I am doing, and I ask God for forgiveness so I can get back on track.  You see true Joy only comes from living the life that God has planned for me.  Then I see all the wonderful things he is doing, and I get to experience the Joy of being part of His master plan.  So as a Christian, I am free to choose, to choose my own path or to be a slave.  I choose Life, how do you choose.

Tom Zimmer