If someone were to offer to pay you a very large sum of money to perform an extremely dangerous task, would you do it? In the Bible, there is a verse that talks about a very rich man that sold everything he had to buy a pearl of great price.  He sold everything to obtain something so valuable that to obtain it was worth any cost.  When a man is young and he falls in love with a young woman, he will do almost anything to convince her to be his.  What would you do or pay almost anything for?  a family member, a friend?  The Bible also says that someone might possibly die for a good man, but there is One who died for someone not so good.  He died for me, and He died for you.  What is that worth?  I didn’t ask for Him to die for me, but He did it anyway.  He died, and rose alive from the grave, so that I could live life to the fullest.  Are you living life to the fullest?