Life can seem kind of hum drum, day in and day out, week in and week out, especially in the summer. I get into a routine, and just keep going. Sometimes I don’t enjoy it very much, but once in a while, something happens to brighten my day. You might ask me what that is, and I will tell you that the thing that brightens my day is when I see God working. What do I mean my that? Well, what I mean is I can be going about my business, and out of the blue, someone will want to talk and I will be able to see that God is using me to minister to that person. It may be a heavy duty conversation, or it may be some light joking, but whatever it is, I get this sense that God has place me in the situation at that time for His specific purpose to minister to someone. It just makes the whole day go better. I guess what i am saying is that having a relationship with God really requires some interaction with this being we call God. So, my suggestion to you, is that you take a moment during your day to ponder how God might be using you. You see, to me being used by God is one of the greatest blessing I can receive.