Some months ago, I presented a moment called “How Can I?” (believe GOD). This month I want to ask “Is Your Faith Stronger?”. We all have faith, faith that the sun will come up, faith that our bikes or cars will start. Sometimes that faith is fulfilled, and sometimes it is disappointed. My car doesn’t always start. But, if your faith in God is to grow stronger, you have to do just one thing, that is trust Him. Trust Him when times are good, and trust Him when times aren’t so good. If you are like me, your trust fails occasionally. I turn away from what I know is right, or I get angry with God because I don’t like the situation I find myself in. But I always turn back, and I ask Him to forgive me for doubting, and He always accepts me, always with open arms. He knows me better than I know myself. He knows that growing faith and growing character take time, lots of time, but He has time. I guess I have as much time as He gives me, and surely that will be enough. Is your faith stronger today?