I have seen what anger does. I have felt what anger does. Sometimes anger is justified, and sometimes it is not. What you do with anger, and what I do with anger is at least as important as whether it is justified. I know I have made some of you here angry in the past, either by my actions or my words. You might not admit it now, but I know it is true. I also know that you kept your anger under control, either because you understood that my error was unintentional, or perhaps because you have a soft spot for this foolish old man I sometimes am. Whatever the reason, I appreciate it. I was never good at fighting, I once picked a fight with a boxer, that did not end well. So why do I tell you this tale, well, only because I want to remind you that while it might be true that no one in this world can understand you, or the anger you have bound up inside you, there is someone who does understand you and every detail of your being. He wants only to be your friend, to encourage you and to give you His peace. I know many of you know who I am talking about, but if you want to know more, come talk to me when you are ready.