Joy to the world the Lord has come! Let earth receive her King; Let every heart prepare Him room, And Heaven and nature sing; ….

As we enter this joyous season, I think it is useful to consider the words of this famous Christmas carol. We wait in anticipation for a the coming King, not in dread of the loss of our way of life to an unseen enemy in a far off country. We wait with Joy for a King that first came in weakness as a baby, a King who will return in Power and Majesty. The King of kings who will wipe away every tear. We are to prepare our hearts for His return, and we are to do it in Joy and Love for our fellow man. There is no fear in Love. Against Love there can be no law. We are to be different, in Love, because He is different, in Love. Though I be a mere man, incapable of loving anyone, even myself. Yet I will love everyone, not with a love I do not have, but with the Love that God pours out on, over and through me to the world around me. A love that surpasses all understanding, a Love that flowing moment by moment from God alone, and Christ alone.

Rejoice, and let “Heaven and nature sing; And Heaven and nature sing; And Heaven, and Heaven and nature sing.”.

Tom Zimmer