I have been participating in a lot of bike blessings this month, asking God to bless these in-animate objects we call motorcycles.  I ask God to bless the person riding the motorcycle as well of course, but at least on the surface, we are asking God to bless an machine.  So, why would God bless a piece of hardware, like a motorcycle? Well, in the Old Testament, in Exodus, God led the Israelites through the desert for 40 years, and during that time their clothes and shoes didn’t wear out.  They didn’t even have to ask God to bless them, He just did. So, there has been at least one precedence set already, by God himself to bless these vehicles we calls motorcycles.  Speaking of blessings, as we approach Thanksgiving, this is an appropriate time to remember all the blessing we have received this year.  Blessings can be physical, like avoiding an accident, relational, like the wedding many of us attended here recently, financial, like having a job, or maybe just being able to put food on the table. And finally, blessings can be spiritual, like developing a deeper appreciation for who God is and what my part in this life is all about.  As we consider our blessings, I would like each of you to know, that you have been a blessing to me this year, and I appreciate you.

Tom Zimmer