I bought a new ride a few weeks ago. I still love my Road King, but since I live only a mile from work, I have to ride it about five miles out of the way just to make sure it gets warmed up. So, anyway, I bought this ride, it is a scooter. Yes, I said scooter. Worse, it is electric, and has peddles. I have ridden it to work several times, and every one at work loves it, they think I am wonderful because I am doing my part to save gas. So, I have been thinking. If I don’t ride a real motorcycle, does this mean I am not a real biker any more? Once you become a biker, can you really stop being one? I guess I am of the thinking that says no, you can’t stop being a biker, even if you stop riding. I think being a biker is about more than the motorcycle, yes the motorcycle is important, but it is also about attitudes, individuality, freedom, about respect and brotherhood. I thank God that he made me a biker, He gave me His freedom, and He gave me a family of brothers and sisters to share it with. I am Free indeed.

Tom Zimmer