Well, the ROT rally is over, and hopefully everyone made it through with minimal damage to motorcycle and body. I say that because, given there were many thousands of bikes there, there were lots of opportunities for accidents,and given the heat, there was lots of opportunity for sun stroke. Fortunately, most people realized plenty early that they were getting too hot, and found a place to rest in the shade or aid conditioning. A few people pushed it too far, and got seriously overheated, and I am sure some of them went to the hospital to recover. Personally, I stayed in the shade most of the time, and drank lots of water. I like to think of God as the shade, sort of the protection from the extreme heat. Some of us try to stay in His shade most of the time, some of us stay out in the heat until we get hot and then hunt for cover, and a few of us stay in the heat until it is almost too late. Christ is always there, waiting in the shade with that cup of cool water, waiting for each of to realize we need to come in out of the heat.

Thomas Zimmer