I received an injection of new blood today. No, not a literal blood type ‘O’ injection, I mean that I met someone for lunch today that is interested in finding out about and possibly getting involved with CMA. Of course my new friend might not have known I was receiving an injection, but it was effective none the less. I feel more alive, more excited about ministry than I have in a while now. I suspect the funk I have been experiencing is not exclusive to me. It seems we are all being pulled in many different directions, and finding it hard to keep up, let alone stay focused on the mission. I don’t blame any of you, I believe the war for our time and attention is just being fought on a lot of fronts, and we are being pulled apart bit by bit. Now at this point, I want to make it extremely clear that I do NOT want everyone to buck up and keep pushing. I think that is what the enemy wants. What I do want, is that we should each spend some time in our daily prayer time this month, asking God to clear the way, and provide the time and energy we each need to do whatever ministry God has told you He wants you (and me) to do. Without God’s power, we are useless. Let me say that again. Without God’s power, we are truly powerless. Just consider for a moment, your personal power and strength, however much that might be. Now consider the fact that God is, out of His power, continuously (moment by moment) holding this universe together. What do you and your strength and power expect to accomplish in ministry (spiritually), without God? The answer is… NOTHING!

I think we all need an injection, and that is my prayer for each of us. Lord, please fill us with your power, without You, we are nothing! With You, we can say to that mountain, go fall into the sea and it will comply! Mountain, get ready….

Tom Zimmer