I had a great day yesterday. It wasn’t so different from most of my days, and in some ways there were reasons that it shouldn’t have been good at all. I woke up as usual, felt like crap, for reasons we won’t go into, and then I worked my butt off, pretty much all day. It probably sounds familiar to many of you, though you may have different details, the results are usually the same. You get home in the evening, and you are exhausted, and you just want to crash. There were however, two things that were different about my day yesterday. First, I made (found, discovered, happened to have) time in the morning to spend time in prayer, and with God’s word. Now I can hear you already saying “Well gosh Tom, don’t you do that everyday?”, and the answer is mostly yes, but I have been struggling lately to to “find” the time, and have been often taking it to work, where I try to take some time at the start of the day. Unfortunately it doesn’t really work very well, work is just too busy. Second, at the end of an exhausting day, I went to an event at Great Hills Baptist Church to hear Eldon Wright speak about, and to hear directly (through a video) how Evel Knievel came to Salvation in Jesus Christ. Mr. Wright was a good friend of Evel, and witnessed to him in the 1970’s, then after 30 years of living separate lives, Evel called him up and wanted to know more about this Jesus that Eldon had spoken of. Eldon was privileged to lead Evel to Christ last year, shortly before Evel pass away. Evel’s testimony was broadcast from the Crystal Cathedral, and is now available for viewing on youtube. It was truly inspirational. If you want to see for yourself, you can just read the next entry below, and click on the links.

It was a great day, Indeed!

Tom Zimmer