Is your life as full as mine? Do you have so many things to do, that you can never get to them all? Am I the only one that feels this way, or are you in the same boat, feeling the same pressures, running in the same circles? Within the past week, I have spent $500 on service on my motorcycle, $1400 on the brakes of my car, I am about to spend over $1000 on transmission repair on my wife’s car, and I still have to spend another $1000 on my car to get it to quit leaking coolant. Why do all of my vehicles need to breakdown at the same time? Why does God allow all these pressures at the same time? What is He trying to teach me? Is it that He doesn’t want me to think I have it all under control? Well, then I get the message. Or perhaps He knows that there are some of you that are feeling the same way, and He wants me to be able to understand what you are going through. I am sure you know that I don’t think God causes these things to happen, but He does allow them. I think what God really wants, is simply to remind us that He is always there in the midst of our difficulty, and that we need only turn to Him in prayer for some much needed peace. He is always available, we only need to look up!

Tom Zimmer