I have a problem. My problem is me. Ok, well I guess I need to back up. Yesterday we had a great sermon at church that started me thinking. The basic question asked, was “Did I accept Christ, or did God draw me?”. This is one of those questions that makes my head hurt, because it makes me consider God’s sovereignty, did I choose Him, or did He choose me. The simple answer is, both, but if you think about this for a while, you will realize there is a problem with that. you see, I can change my mind, and un-choose God if I want to, but God is sovereign, and He doesn’t change His mind. So, I think you might be starting to see the problem. You see, God chose me, I am saved, and I am going to heaven one day, whether I want to or not, although I can’t imagine not wanting to. I on the other hand chose to accept God’s grace, and yet, I am able to at any moment in time, to choose to do what I want instead of what God wants me to do. Do you see the problem? I keep choosing to do what I want to do, when I know it isn’t what God wants. We call this rebellion. And yet, God accepts me, even in the midst of my rebellion. He isn’t going to change His mind, I have to change my mind, to conform to His. And yet, I keep resisting Him, even while I know that He cannot be resisted. It is the old Irresistible force meets the immovable object problem, except I know I am not immovable, just stubborn. Anyway, I think you can see the problem now, I get to choose to be my own biggest problem, or to be part of God’s wonderful solution. Lord give me the power to be part of your solution, by releasing my will to You!