I have been under attack lately, not physically, but emotionally and spiritually. You might wonder what I man by that, and I simply mean that in my world view, there is a spiritual plane in addition to this physical plane, and that while we can’t see the spiritual plane with our eyes, if exists none the less. Many people believe that angels exist, and watch over them. I personally believe that the spiritual plane contains both good and evil beings. In other words a war is raging all the time, even though we mostly don’t see it. Now, I am not here to try to get you to believe like me, I only want you to understand that from my viewpoint I believe that I am under attack from the evil beings in the spiritual plane. So, when I feel these attacks, what I do, is look to the One who perfectly describes good, that is Jesus. He has been given power to overcome evil. You could say that is His job, and he does it very well. When I trust in Jesus I am filled with his overwhelming peace, peace in the middle of my difficult circumstances.

Tom Zimmer