You will probably find this message a bit unusual, but I hope you will agree that it is very important.

As we enter summer, with temperatures already in the mid 90s, I have a check list for us;

1. Remember that your body are over 50% water. In effect, you run on water.
2. Plan on drinking lots of water, don’t rely on your feeling thirsty.
3. When you are having a few beers, mix in a bottle of water occasionally, alcohol is a dehydrator.
4. Wear a hat whenever possible, even a ball cap provides substantial insulation from the sun’s heat.
5. Wear sun screen, I know you are tough, but extended exposure to the sun does cause skin cancer.
6. Repeat, drink lots of water.

I don’t want any of you ending up in the hospital with sun stroke. A few of you have had it, and it isn’t any fun.

And finally, so that I don’t leave God out of this, pray with me for some overcast days with moderate temperatures. It is going to be a great summer, let’s all stay healthy and enjoy it.

Tom Zimmer