Why do people have to suffer? Not just people in general, but our friends and loved ones. Why do they have to suffer? Is it because they were bad? Some people think that the way to avoid suffering is to be good. But if that were so, then why do good people suffer, and you can believe me, they do. Now, I am not saying that everyone suffers all the time, just that pain is part of life. If you are one of those, that like me believe there is a God, then you have probably wondered why God lets people suffer. There is an answer to that question, more than one actually, but not answers that we like. One of the answers for me, is that God lets me suffer because it drives me to clearly understand my limitations. As a Christian, suffering drives me to ask for God’s help. The theory goes, that if God made me perfect, then I wouldn’t need him any longer. So God doesn’t make me perfect, he leaves me with some “issues” to remind me that I am not God. It’s not a bad plan actually. It seems to work pretty well. I don’t enjoy the pain of course, but it certainly helps me remember who the “boss” is, and it isn’t me. Now I need to point out that I am not saying that God causes suffering, this is a fallen world we live in, and suffering is part of it. What I am saying is that God allows our suffering. He allows pain for lots of different reasons, and sometimes those reasons are hard to understand, but as long as we live on this planet, there will be pain and suffering and I know where I am going, to get help when I can’t take it anymore.