My wife Debbie and I just celebrated out 37th anniversary last week. 37 years is a long time. Not all of those years were easy, some were pretty painful, but they were all worth it for the companionship we have shared all these years. I try to be a good husband, so I tell Debbie I love her, and that she is special to me, and I even tell her she is a wonderful gift from God. She always seems to be a little suspicious when I say these things, like “what do you want now?” I can’t imagine where she would get the idea that I want something. Anyway I heard recently that true compliments are not generalizations like the ones I just mentioned. If we are going to compliment someone, we should be specific. All I can say to that, is it seems like it will be a lot harder, I have to actually think about why I love my wife. But, even though it is harder, I think it is still worth while, so I am going to try to be more specific in the future. That then is my recommendation to you. When you compliment someone, a brother, or a loved one, try to be specific, it will mean a lot more and they might not ask “what do you want now?”.